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Slowdown, Think, & Reflect: 5 Wellness Trends That Can Prove To Be Life-Changing In 2023

Slowdown, Think, & Reflect: 5 Wellness Trends That Can Prove To Be Life-Changing In 2023

What’s on the top of your 2023 “new year, new me” checklist? For us, it would have to be wellness. Three years after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are finally embracing the “new normal” and it is time to make some lifestyle changes. The 2023 memo is quite clear—slow down, reflect, and embrace mindful practices that improve the quality of your life. Sounds like something you’d like to get on board with? Scroll down for a list of evolving and emerging wellness trends you should explore in 2023:

Sleep Syncing 

Between the pandemic scares and erratic WFH schedules, we have all had some sleepless nights in the past couple of years. Well, that is about to change as wellness experts from across the world continue talking about the importance of a healthy sleep cycle. Our sleep quality is the foundation of our overall health and 2023 is the year we bade goodbye to all those late-night Netflix sessions and turn off the lights for a good night’s sleep. 

Wellness travel

While trotting the globe will still be big in 2023, the focus will lie more on mental, physical and spiritual well-being. So, it’s likely that people will go on holidays that involve activities such as mindfulness sessions, yoga classes, and breathwork. 



Friluftsliv aka free-air-living is a lifestyle concept that has emerged from the Nordic regions. The idea revolves around spending more time outdoors, rather than being isolated inside your homes or offices. 


With people spending more time outdoors, it looks like skychology will finally have its time in the limelight. For those unversed, this practice is all about lying down on the floor and staring at the sky and clouds.

While this may seem like a total waste of time, research shows that the simple act can be highly effective in emotional self-regulation. Not only does it calm anxious nerves, but also helps you stay present in the moment. 

Mindful Drinking

The general attitude around drinking has seen a major change in the past few years. With ideas like “damp lifestyle” and “sober curious” trending, people are choosing to drink but more consciously now. And since gen-Z and millennials are slowly moving away from binge drinking, restaurants and bars are also going out of their way to offer alcohol-free alternatives.


So, which of these wellness trends are you most excited about this year? 

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17 Jan 2023

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