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Elegant Hairstyles That Scream ‘Posh’ In Every Language

Elegant Hairstyles That Scream ‘Posh’ In Every Language

Posh is the adjective that is hot RN. You can go for an expensive new wardrobe or stock up on the latest luxury makeup products, but they both will cost you tons of money. In my opinion, the easiest way to a luxe avatar is by switching up your hair game with posh hairstyles. Believe it or not, your hairstyle can make or break your look and actually speak volumes about your personality. With the right hairstyle, you can easily give off an air of eliteness and poise without having burnt a hole in your pocket. It’s a sure-shot way of making good first impressions, especially for stuff like business meetings or interviews. After all, the rich and famous do keep a keen eye on savings as well and that’s what makes them maintain their wealth status. So, whether you want to manifest wealth and fortune in 2023 by dressing the part or are simply looking to up your style game to an expensive-looking one, the following hairstyles are what you should bookmark for an exquisite look.

Hairstyles That Can Make You Look Posh In 2023

Gatsby Glory

One of the most classic hairstyles that still has a chokehold on us is Gatsby waves. It is the epitome of luxury and elegance and makes the wearer instantly look elite and stylish. All this hairstyle requires is a curling wand and the right hair products. Rinse your mane with a plumping shampoo and conditioner and prep it with a heat-protectant serum. Blow dry your locks smooth and then use the curling wand to smoothen and create large curls. Spritz the curls with hairspray and then use a paddle brush to break them up into waves.

The Chicest Frame

Whenever you’re running short on time and need to dress up in a jiffy, give this hairstyle a shot. It looks great on both wet and dry hair belonging to any hair texture. Either wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner or wet it with a water spray and apply a leave-in conditioner. Create a centre parting and tuck two two-inch chunks of hair from either side of the parting behind your ears. You can even use a flat iron to smoothen these chunks. Secure these bits behind your ears with bobby pins so that they stay in place and appear seamlessly styled.

Smooth Slay

Skip the off-duty model bun and try this smooth and voluminous low bun instead. It not only adds more volume to your mane but also looks super elegant and chic. Begin with a hair wash and then spritz on a heat protectant treatment and blow dry your hair smooth. Create a centre parting and tie your hair in a looped low bun. Conceal the edges of your hair that stick out from the bun with bobby pins at the base. Allow a few face-framing tendrils to soften the look, if you may.

Oriental Mystique

This hairstyle has an Asian flair to it and it looks absolutely stunning. The key accessory here is statement flower hair pins or clips. Create a deep side parting and then twist your hair into a chignon or a twisted vertical bun like you normally would do when using a claw clip. Secure this vertical twist with the flower clip or carefully place the flower pins to hold your hairstyle in place.

Posh Party

Got an invite to a fancy party? Opt for this stylish rich-girl hairstyle. It’s a ’90s-inspired look that is in vogue currently and it can make you look like a million bucks with minimum effort. Create a small centre parting and simply run two fingers from either side of your forehead all the way to the crown of your head; use a tiny clay clip to cinch that hair in place right at the top. Apply hair gel to this clipped section and allow your natural texture to reflect in the hair that is left flowing. You can use a texturising spray and shine spray to finish the look.

All of these hairstyles will have you looking pretty posh in 2023. Bookmark them all and rock them whenever you’re in the mood to “look” expensive.

Featured Image: Instagram

20 Jan 2023

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