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15 Luxury Brand Names That You’ve Been Pronouncing Wrong

15 Luxury Brand Names That You’ve Been Pronouncing Wrong

It’s Leviosa, not Leviosaaa’– Hermione Granger’s iconic line from the Harry Potter series still echoes in my mind. But while I laughed at this, a tiny part of me knew how important the correct pronunciation was in the wizard world. In the muggle world, mispronouncing is utterly common, particularly for luxury fashion brands. But while it won’t land you in serious trouble like that in HP, it is often seen as a major faux pas. But we get it! Catching the right pronunciation for these brands can be a real pain in the ass. Most luxury fashion houses have their origin in Europe, and hence, it is difficult for people from other parts of the world to ace the right enunciation.

But guys don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here’s a list of 15 commonly mispronounced luxury fashion brands and how you can get it right. Take a look!

1. Balenciaga

How people pronounce: Ba-len-chi-aga

Correct Pronunciation: Ba-len-see-agah


2. Balmain

How people pronounce: Bal-main

Correct Pronunciation: Bal-mah

3. Bottega Venetta

How people pronounce: Bo-tehga Veh-neh-taah

Correct Pronunciation: Buh-tay-guh Vuh-ne-tuh


4. Cartier

How people pronounce: Car-tier

Correct Pronunciation: Kahr-tee-ay

5. Chanel

How people pronounce: Cha-nnel or Chan-el

Correct Pronunciation: Shuh-nel


6. Christian Louboutin

How people pronounce: Chris-chun Lew-buh-tin or Lew-buh-tan

Correct Pronunciation: Creest-yawn Loo-boo-tan

7. Dolce & Gabbana

How people pronounce: Doll-say and Gab-aana

Correct Pronunciation: Doll-chay uhn Guh-baa-nuh


8. Giorgio Armani

How people pronounce: Jawrj-jio Ar-maarni

Correct Pronunciation: Jaw-jo Aa-maa-nee

9. Givenchy

How people pronounce: Gah-vin-chee or Giv-en-chee

Correct Pronunciation: Zhee-von-shee


10. Hermès

How people pronounce: Her-mez, Her-mes

Correct Pronunciation: Er-mez, Air-mez

11.  Jean Paul Gaultier 

How people pronounce: Jeen Paul Goo-el-tier

Correct Pronunciation: Zhawn Pawl Goh-tee-ay


12. Louis Vuitton

How people pronounce: Loo-is Vit-on

Correct Pronunciation: Loo-ee We-toh

13. Moschino

How people pronounce: Moss-chi-no or Mosh-ino

Correct Pronunciation: Moos-key-noh


14. Versace

How people pronounce: Ver-sach-eh

Correct Pronunciation: Vehr-sah-ceh

15. Yves Saint Laurent 

How people pronounce: Eves Saint Lo-rent

Correct Pronunciation: Eve San Lo-roh


We hope our lil’ guide will help you ace those tricky situations!

Featured Image: Youtube

21 Sep 2023

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