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14 Kickass Jubin Nautiyal Songs That Deserve A Special Space In Your Playlist

Problematic as Kabir Singh might have been, the film does deserve accolades in one department–it’s banging music! Of course, a major part of the credit goes to Jubin Nautiyal and his soulful voice is Dil Ka Dariya, the song that we haven’t stopped playing on loop ever since the film’s release. Then again, that’s pretty much the case with literally every song from the singer and today, we are celebrating 14 of them. Here is a list of Jubin Nautiyal songs that are sure to liven up your playlist:

Jubin Nautiyal New Songs List

In the past couple of years, Jubin has claimed his place as a music sensation and the stardom reflects in his latest songs. Here are five of Jubin Nautiyal’s new songs to prove just that:

O Aasman Wale

If you have ever loved and lost, this Jubin Nautiyal song might hit you a tad too hard. But that’s exactly what good music’s supposed to do, right?

Meri Tarah

A heartbreaking song with a happy twist, this is a new Jubin Nautiyal song that will restore your faith in the power of love.


Dil Galti Kar Baitha Hai

Quite different from the rest of Jubin Nautiyal songs, this is a happy-go-lucky song that celebrates love and its myriad ironies. 

Ap Dhillon New Song 2022

Meri Zindagi Hai Tu

Oh, the euphoria of actually ending up with the person that you really really love! Listen to this one if you have been lucky enough to experience it.

Suna Hai 

This is one of those simple albeit soulful songs that transport you to a simpler time and remind you of less complicated love. 


Jubin Nautiyal Hit Songs List

In the past couple of years, we have seen Jubin cementing his place as a music icon with songs that are synonymous with the reigning spirit of modern-day Bollywood. Here are five Jubin Nautiyal hit songs that made him the star that he is today:

Raatan Lambiyaan

A legit earworm at this point, this is one of Jubin Nautiyal’s top songs and for all the right reasons. It is peppy, it is evocative, and just so uplifting.

 The Humma Song

A very few musicians have the talent to remake an old hit and do justice with it. It is safe to say that Jubin has managed to do that with The Humma Song. 

Lut Gaye

If you are a sucker for those video songs that come accompanied by a gripping story then you are sure to love this Jubin Nautiyal song. 


Zindagi Kuch Toh Bata

Another one of the toppers on Jubin Nautiyal song list, this one is like pure ghee. It touches you as few other songs can.

Bezubaaan Kab Se

Another one of the mega hits from Jubin, this song will always remain iconic for so many reasons. 

Sad Songs Of Jubin Nautiyal

Admittedly, Jubin has a voice that compels you to feel so much. It is almost as if he gets the strings to our hearts the instant he starting singing. This explains why Jubin nautiyal sad songs hit us differently. Here are five of them that will never not move us:

Dil Ka Dariya

Ever held it in for too long only to arrive at a moment that shattered your very soul? Nothing encapsulates that feeling better than this Jubin Nautiyal song.


Tum Hi Aana

If sad songs of Jubin Jautiyal happen to be your guilty pleasure, be assured of playing this one on loop.  

Kaash Tu Mila Hota

Ever wondered how life would have been had you ended with that person you met at the wrong time? Tread carefully with this Jubin Nautiyal song ‘coz it is sure to bring back all those memories. 

Lo Safar

There is a haunting quality about this Jubin Nautiyal song that lingers for hours after you are done listening to it.

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So fam, all set to add some life to your playlist with these Jubin Nautiyal songs?


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28 Jan 2022

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