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I Tried This Goof-Proof Blush Hack & The Results Blew My Mind

I Tried This Goof-Proof Blush Hack & The Results Blew My Mind

If there’s a new viral makeup hack trending on Instagram, you can bet that I’m all set to try it out. It’s because these hacks make applying makeup such a breeze. I’m a total blush girl and I’m always reaching for the product whenever I need to step out. Admittedly, I’m nearly always running late as I spend a considerable amount of time doing my makeup alone. But that’s where this new blush makeup hack comes in. This blush application technique caught my eye because it literally gives a uniform glow in a matter of seconds. The hack shows you how to apply blush to a large area covering the lids, cheeks, and temples with a fluffy powder brush in order to save time. The results on the reels were just beautiful so I had to find out if the hack actually worked on me as well. While I did, I also figured that this blush hack can work for applying highlighter too! This has just changed the way I wear both blush and highlighter these days. Here’s everything you need to know about the trend that will convince you to try it out as well.

Viral Makeup Hack: Swirly Blush Technique

This viral blush hack is meant to give you an instant glow when you’re running short on time. In the video, you can see that the blush is applied in circular motions starting from the lids and going over the temples and cheeks. With just swirly motions I achieved a gorgeous glow in a jiffy.

Trying Out The Viral Blush Hack + Highlighter

I gave the hack a go because it saves so much time. I used a large powder brush that I would usually use for applying setting powder to try out this hack. I swiped the brush across my favourite blush palette to pick up the pigment and began swirling it from my lids all around my temples and cheeks too. It worked, but I felt like it was missing some glow. That’s why I reached for my favourite highlighter palette too. I used the same technique for the highlighter as well and I was stunned by the results.

Wondering What You Need?

Are you keen on trying out this viral makeup hack? If yes, here are some products that will help you ace it like a pro.

The Big Fluffy Brush

If you don’t already own a large fluffy powder brush, get yourself the Bronson Professional Powder Brush. It’s an excellent quality brush with soft bristles that are perfect for packing on powder products and blending them seamlessly too.

A Pigmented Blush Palette

The POPxo Makeup Collection – InstaGlamm Face Palette has 2 gorgeous blushes and a highlighter! The palette also comes equipped with a setting powder to keep your skin mattified.

A Rosy Highlighter

The Hyper Real Glow Palette by M.A.C in shade Flash + Awe is the best pick. This palette has three rosy and peachy highlighter shades that will bring your glow game full circle.

This has become my go-to blush makeup hack that I use on repeat. If you’re amazed by it as well, go on and try it out. You won’t be disappointed.

Featured Images: Instagram

23 Jan 2023

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