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I Tried The ‘I’m Cold’ Makeup Trend To See How It Fares On Brown Skin

I Tried The ‘I’m Cold’ Makeup Trend To See How It Fares On Brown Skin

The hottest makeup trend this season has to be the ‘I’m Cold’ makeup look. Ironic as that sounds, the trend is really something every makeup lover is going gaga over right now. Heavily blushed skin, a twinkle in your eye (and all around it), along with a bitten glossy lip make this look. The idea is to mimic what your skin would look like if it were freezing outside. The makeup look seems like it would only be visible on lighter skin so I wondered if it would show up or even complement my brown skin.

Breaking Down The ‘I’m Cold’ Makeup Trend 

Once you’re done with your base, you want to apply a pink blush in the shape of a W. Apply your blush along your cheeks & your nose. Next, apply some silver eyeshadow on your lids. Wear mascara and then swipe on a pink lip gloss or a lip tint. Less is more when it comes to this step, you want it to look as natural as possible.

Brown-Girl Friendly Products To Ace The Trend 

I tested out the trend myself and found that some hues worked better than others for my deep olive Indian skin tone.

Terracotta Blush 

While berry blush might be the perfect choice for recreating the trend on lighter skin, a peachy blush with orange tones works better for deeper skin. This terracotta cream blush by Simply Nam will give you that perfect ‘I’m Cold’ glow with a velvety finish.

Pink Twinkles

Swap your silver eyeshadow, for a pink or peach shimmer eyeshadow. The natural hue creates a softer, more diffused look. The POPxo Makeup Collection – Send Noods – 4 Eyeshadow Kit is a great choice for recreating this trend on Indian skin. It can still be topped off with sheer silver glitter for that snow princess kinda vibe.

Berry Lip Gloss

Lighter complexions can get away with using a clear gloss but a tinted gloss will flatter deeper skin tones more. The Type Beauty Soak It Up Lip Gloss is one of my top picks for a tinted gloss.

I’m in love with the ‘I’m Cold’ makeup trend. And as it turns out, it is brown-girl friendly too!

Featured Images: Instagram

25 Jan 2023

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