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I Found Shehnaaz Gill & Rakul Preet’s Playful Banter About Boys & Life Relatable AF!

I Found Shehnaaz Gill & Rakul Preet’s Playful Banter About Boys & Life Relatable AF!

Bigg Boss 13 made me fall in love with Shenaaz Gill. My admiration for her has only grown over the years and I have been closely following the Punjabi singer-actress’s incredible journey. Just recently, she started hosting a chat show, Desi Vibes and I love how she has a way of bringing out the relatable side of celebs. That’s exactly what happened in the show’s latest episode featuring Rakul Preet Singh. Both the girls poured their hearts out while discussing relationships, work, and life! I loved every bit of the candid chat as it reminded me of the conversations I often have with my BFF. Here are four moments from the show that I totally connected with:

Diamond Rings Are Nice, But Peace Of Mind Is Nicer

Vibing with someone and showing off our achievements is kaafi important to us Punjabis. Shehnaaz and Rakul are no different. Ten minutes into the episode, Shehnaaz proudly flashed a diamond ring that she gifted herself. She further added that even if there was someone in her life, she’d ask for peace of mind instead of a ring. Same sis, same!

Jab Pyaar Kiya Toh Darna Kya?

As someone who loves PDA, I could relate to Rakul when she said, “Relationship mein ho toh usko respect do, chupana kyun hai. (If you are in a relationship, respect it. What’s the need to hide).” This is when I sent the episode link to my bestie (who then sent it to her useless boyfriend).

I’ll Be There For You

At the beginning of the episode, Shehnaaz asked Rakul to pray that her show becomes a mega-hit. The De De Pyaar De actress gave her a warm smile and said, “Main Universe ko bol dungi (I will tell the Universe).” It reminded me of how I used to pray for the success of BFF’s bakery.


“Ma’am, Can We Do Practical?”

Didn’t we all awkwardly sit through the reproduction chapter in Biology class? Turns out, Shehnaaz actually enjoyed it. While discussing Rakul Preet’s new movie Chhatriwali, which is based on sex education, Shehnaaz shared how she used to mess with her teachers. “Ma’am hume reproduction padha rahi thi aur maine unko bola, ma’am can we do practical (The teacher was teaching us reproduction and I asked, ‘Ma’am can we do practical’)?,” she told Rakul. Typical Shehnaaz!

I’d highly recommend you give this Desi Vibes episode a watch. You won’t regret, I promise!

Feature Image: Instagram

24 Jan 2023

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