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6 Floral Perfumes That Are Perfect For Spring

6 Floral Perfumes That Are Perfect For Spring

Do you have a signature perfume? Or are you someone who loves to switch it up and be in sync with your mood or say the weather? Either way, picking a perfume online or choosing the “perfect” scent at a store can be really confusing.

That is why I, your human perfume manual, am here to help. I have put together a list of perfumes that have “spring” written all over them.

Spritz Of Fruity Sensations

The combination of melon, plum and freesia in this perfume is sure to you feel utterly irresistible and seductive. The Fragrance Mist Pure Seduction by Victoria’s Secret is pitch-perfect for spring.

Sweetness In A Bottle

Imagine a bowl of fresh fruits right in front of you. Okay now add some must and amber-ish fragrances to that bowl. The Kayali Eden Juicy Apple EDP is a burst of happiness in a bottle and gets you in the mood for spring already.


A Bouquet Of Roses

A list of perfumes for spring cannot be complete without the Chopard Happy Chopard Felicia Roses EDP on it. It is overall a very sweet-smelling perfume but it contains traces of fresh spices that make sure that you do not get a headache from smelling the sweet fragrance all day.

Inspired By Love

Get your flirt game on with a spritz of this MyGlamm XOXO Fragrance – Flirty. Let the bergamot fragrances be the ice breaker and the aromatic blend of amber and peony flowers linger as you depart from a brunch with bae this spring.

Smells Like Dessert

Do I make sense if I say the Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Crush Body & Hair Mist smells like a beach vacay? You know how certain smells make you travel to a distinct place and time? Yes, that. It is safe to say that this is one of the most unique perfumes I have come across with a summery-spring smell like no other.

Notes Of Love

Fruity bursts of orange and heart notes of peach complete this sensuous bouquet and make the L’Occitane Neroli & Orchidee EDT linger delicately on the body throughout the day.


Now every time you step out of the elevator or walk into a room, these perfumes will make you smell like a garden in peak spring. What’s to not love here?

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17 Mar 2023

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