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Kiara & Sidharth’s Wedding is Making Me Feel Poor AF, Here’s Why!

Kiara & Sidharth’s Wedding is Making Me Feel Poor AF, Here’s Why!

Sidharth Malhotra and Kiara Advani’s wedding was as royal as it could be. A luxurious venue, OTT décor, star-studded guestlist and high-security measures—the shaadi had it all.

Some more exciting details about the wedding menu, outfits and the venue are here, and I am losing it! ‘Coz this big fat Indian is making me feel hella poor!

Want to get your mind blown? Read on:

100 Dishes From 10 Countries!

Food is the essence of every desi wedding. But 100 dishes from 10 different countries is extra AF. I’ve heard that the elaborate menu included Chinese, Japanese, Italian, and Mexican delicacies along with South Indian, Rajasthani, Punjabi, and Gujarati specialities. Afghani kebabs along with other Mughlai dishes were on the menu too. Huf!


No, I am not done yet. The dessert list was as tempting as the main course. From rabadi, kheer, sohan halwa to Jaislamer’s famous ghotwa ladoo, the spread was lip-smacking! There were also 50 snack stalls at the wedding!

One Waiter For Each Guest! 

There were apparently 500 waiters at the wedding. Out of these, 200 waiters were flown in from Mumbai. They had a fixed dress code which included a white shirt and trousers, and a traditional saafa. Each guest had a waiter to themselves to ensure they were treated with the utmost care.

500 waiters for 100-150 guests, WOW! Makes me think of all the times I’ve chased waiters for those cold starters.

150 Manish Malhotra Outfits!

I hear MM designed around 150 outfits for the wedding! These outfits were custom-made for the couple’s entire khandaan and close friends. Then there’s me, thinking about the only four outfits I’ll be getting for my wedding. Not poor y’all, just budgeted.


A 70 Crore Bungalow For The Couple

Post-wedding, the couple is planning to move into a new property. As per reports, they have zeroed in on a sea-facing 3,500 sq. ft bungalow in Juhu. Rumours suggest that the bungalow costs Rs 70 crores!

The Luxurious Wedding Venue

Suryagarh Palace, Jaisalmer is one of the top 15 wedding destinations in India. The lavish gardens and courtyards along with the traditional touch of Rajasthan make it a top choice. According to the website, the room tariff at Suryagarh starts from Rs 24,000/night and can go up to Rs 76,000/night!

Reportedly, hosting a wedding at Suryagrah can cost around 2 crores (per day) during peak wedding season. Now, basing on the three-day affair, I assume that the venue cost might have come close to Rs 6 crores for Sid and Kiara!

This one was indeed a royal wedding! Stay tuned for more updates.


Featured Image: Instagram

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