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Doja Cat’s Bejewelled Swarovski Look Got Me Reminiscing About Her Most Dramatic Beauty Moments

Doja Cat’s Bejewelled Swarovski Look Got Me Reminiscing About Her Most Dramatic Beauty Moments

Doja Cat has once again sent meme-makers and influencers all over the world to work. And it’s not because of a song or album roll-out. Many now know that the American singer-rapper’s talents aren’t just limited to music. Her C.V. boasts a liking for off-beat beauty aesthetics, and she exceeded my expectations this time. Doja covered her body in thousands of Swarovski crystals (30,000 to be precise) last night, and the four-hour process resulted in a look that dazzled everyone. This display of creativity reminded me of all the times she waltzed down runways and carpets looking nothing like a human. Glorious, anyhow.

Doja Cat’s Biggest & Best Beauty Moments

All Sorts Of Extra

Doja’s attendance at the Schiaparelli’s Fall/Winter 2023 Couture Show in Paris was all sorts of extra. 30,000 fiery-red Swarovski crystals? That’s one way of telling people you’re rich. Rightfully dubbed ‘Doja’s Inferno’, the look celebrated the singer’s inkling for experimentation.

No Makeup? No Brows.

Back in August, Doja Cat shaved the hair off her head, and eyebrows on a live on Instagram. Even though detractors questioned her mental ‘well-being’, she shook it off. For months on end, I noticed how she embellished the forehead with colourful, razor-thin arches.

Doja single-handedly transformed the role of eyebrows in beauty. She debuted the switch-up with this look — a pair of painted-on jet-black flicks, featuring hearts. Never have I seen anyone attempt to glamourise eyebrows quite like this before.

If Golden Hour Was A Person

Doja notified everyone of her (unofficial) role as the show-stopper of 2022’s Paris Fashion Week with this look. The singer’s MUA transformed the eyebrow-less singer into a human-sized award. The end result was a glistening gold-drenched statue that went down as one of the most talked-about looks from the event.

Am I Watching Avatar?

Paris Fashion Week continued to induct Doja into a world of experimentation. Her alien-themed avatar indulged meme-makers, MUAs, and influencers alike. Because, who streaks their face with blue and white paints, fills their lips in with a classic cherry-red, and adds cat-eye flicks? Only Doja. I cannot think of anyone pulling this off apart from her.

Dora Or Doja? You Decide

The one-time Doja chose to wear a wig, she played around with the ever-trending bob and micro bangs. This fusion of styles might have looked a little too much on someone else. But not on Doja. Maybe it’s her cool-girl attitude.

I’m not sure what to expect next, but it’s Doja’s unpredictability that keeps me on my toes. If I were to assume, I’d say she’s already prepping for her next event. And I know it’s going to be a new favourite of mine.

Featured Image: Instagram

24 Jan 2023

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