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3 Face Massage Tools That Priyanka, Deepika & Alia Swear By

3 Face Massage Tools That Priyanka, Deepika & Alia Swear By

Have you ever wondered how celebs always have a chiselled jawline and glowing skin? Well, it’s partly because they use face massage tools in their skincare routine. A-listers like Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra, and Alia Bhatt have expressed their love for these tools and it’s no wonder their faces look so firm and sculpted. 

I am all on board for lifting my facial features without having to rely on makeup contouring entirely. So, I’ve found out the benefits of face massage tools and the exact ones Deepika, Priyanka, and Alia use in their routines.

What Are Face Massage Tools?

Face massage tools are meant to help massage the skin and provide detoxifying and sculpting benefits. The classic types of face massage tools include the jade roller, Gua Sha, and the Kansa Wand which is used in Ayurveda.

Electric or battery-run versions of these tools are also available and they make massaging the face so much easier. These advanced tools usually give off microcurrents to help 


Why Do Celebs Use Face Massage Tools?

Celebs love these skincare tools because they help drain out the toxins that accumulate in the face which leads to puffiness. Massaging with these tools also helps celebs maintain their youthful appearance as it prevents skin from sagging.

Deepika’s Face Roller Massage Tool

The Pathaan star posed with her Refa Carat Face roller on Instagram. It’s a solar-powered face massage tool that converts light into energy and the tool then gives off a microcurrent to help stimulate the skin.

Deepika’s face massage tool costs 220 dollars which is approximately Rs 16,000 and pricey. I found the HealthSense Enhance Electric Facial Roller Massager With Roller Head to be a much more affordable dupe at Rs 899.

Alia Bhatt’s T-Bar Face Massage Tool

Alia revealed in a vlog that she has a battery-run face roller with 24K gold. It is by a homegrown brand and the product treats the skin with gold ions and a soothing massage that helps skincare products absorb better as well.


Alia uses the House Of Beauty 24k Face Massager every morning before hitting the gym. It’s already an affordable option since it retails at Rs 1,499.

Priyanka’s Solar-Powered Gua Sha

Priyanka Chopra said that she ices her skin and then uses a heated face massage tool before going in front of the camera. Her go-to MUA has also shared that she uses the Refa 4 Caxa Ray on her which is also a solar-powered tool in the shape of a Gua Sha.

The  Refa 4 Caxa Ray costs 330 dollars which is roughly Rs 27,000. My favourite heated electric face massage tool is the Protouch Skin Lift which costs only Rs 2,799.

Applying a moisturiser or facial oil before using face massage tools is highly recommended. I like using the MyGlamm YOUTHFULL Hydrating Moisturising Gel With Water Bank Technology.


This is your cue to get yourself a face massage tool just like these celebs. I am especially loving the budget-friendly options available in India.

Featured Image: Instagram

16 Mar 2023

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