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Punjabiya Di Shaan Wakhri: 20 Best Punjabi Songs For Your Every Mood!

Punjabiya Di Shaan Wakhri: 20 Best Punjabi Songs For Your Every Mood!

I’m just going to come out and say it, Punjabi hit songs are the best. Whether you’re in the mood to dance or romance or just want to listen to something soulful, top Punjabi songs have it all. There’s just something about the lyrics and the music that you can’t help but get hooked. In fact, I connect to Punjabi music on a level that I can’t connect to a Hindi or English song. I have the perfect gift for you if you’re a little bit like me. Here’s a list of the latest and the best Punjabi songs for you to enjoy on all occasions – from when you have to perform at a Shaadi to when you’re sitting alone in the car listening to romantic songs.


Harrdy Sandhu has beautifully voiced this melody ‘Titlian Warga’. This melody gained massive popularity and is still growing every day. In less matter of time, this song became an internet sensation. Adding to this, Jaani is the lyricist and composer of this amazing song. It’s one of the most famous Punjabi songs!

Pani di Gal

In the punjabi song list, Pani di gal is one amazing Punjabi melody that talks about the lovely essence of a relationship. Asees Kaur and Maninder Buttar are the artists of this fabulous tune. The music video of the song is shot in the wedding scenery with a simply sweet storyline.


The ‘Pasoori’ song literally became a viral trend on social media. It’s a superb Punjabi song sung by Ali Sethi & Shae Gill. It’s one of the most amazing top 10 Punjabi songs.


The Last Ride

The last ride by Siddhu Moose Wala is quite a superb song. Out of all the best Punjabi songs of all time, this is one of the best songs of Siddhu Moose Wala that gained popularity and went viral in no time.


Peaches by Diljit Dosanjh has been making rounds all over social media. Undeniable, it’s one of the best things you would have heard. It’s one of the coolest songs in the Punjabi hit songs list.

Kudiye Ni, Aparshakti Khurana & Neeti Mohan

Aparshakti Khurana and Neeti Mohan’s new single is not only beautiful to listen to, but it’ll also make for an adorable dance performance with its funky beats and oh-so-cute lyrics.

Sohneya, Miss Pooja & Milind Gaba

One of the best Punjabi song where the girl is complaining that the guy doesn’t love her. So why is this in the romantic section and not the sad section? Because, when Milind Gaba serenades her and tells her he loves her with all his heart, you’ll melt into a puddle of mush!


Gucci, Aroob Khan     

You’re not a materialistic partner, remind them that. Choose this song to express your sincere love for him and to let him know that as much as you love receiving little gifts from him, it’s the relationship that you treasure not the possessions.

London Thumakda, Queen

This song is one popular Punjabi song that has been on the playlist of every family when it comes to family parties or family functions. You can’t miss this song when it’s about family functions. The way Kangana Ranaut has presented this song brings the whole family together into different levels of vibes.

Qismat, Ammy Virk

Ammy Virk’s Qismat took off and topped all the charts within no time, along with winning our hearts. Anytime you’re missing your boyfriend, you can listen to this song!

Laung Laachi, Ammy Virk

This song is one of the best Punjabi songs that became really popular in 2018 and was heard at almost every wedding. But the thing with this song is that you can watch a bride dance to it a million times and still not get bored. There’s just something about the song that’s so beautiful.


Tutteya Tara, Ammy Virk

Another break up song that may help you channelise your inner anguish if you sing it out aloud at the top of your voice.

Lehanga by Jass Manak

If you are looking for the best dance songs at your wedding, you can’t miss this Lehanga song to add to your playlist. Sung by Jass Manak, it’s a mandatory punjabi wedding song.

Baby You by Jassie Gill

To a greater extent a coy tune, Baby You by Jassie Gill is ideally suited for each couple who share an enthusiastic energy than a stalwart romantic. Celebrate the sweet obsession of one another by falling in one another’s arms on this melody. One more fun yet heartfelt Punjabi melody with words ideal for him to astound his lady with the best dance moves. It’s one of the best Punjabi songs you should listen to!

Deewana by Akhil

Each romantic person will concur with us on how heartfelt Deewana by Akhil and Pav Dharia is. The verses, the music, everything is only so in a state of harmony with the energy somewhere down in-affection couples share. Despite the fact that this tune is for the most part about the person celebrating the magnificence he finds in his adoration for her.


Backbone, Hardy Sandhu

Couple performances are all about letting the world get to know you two as a couple. That’s why it is important that you select the right song, like this one, for it. In this song, the singer talks about how the two are each other’s strength and backbone, just like any couple should be.

Dil Lehgayi Kudi Gujratdi

Your partner with his gang can turn the stage on fire with this song. It’s a famous dancing number in the 90s, but people can still connect and make the most out of this song. For wedding sangeet, this song is perfect for the groom troop.

Ikk Vaari Hor Soch Le, Harish Verma

If you’re going through or considering a break up, both of you need to listen to this together and reconsider your decision. ‘Coz ‘je hun yaaro tut gayi ta judni nahi, tu ikk vaari hor soch le’!

Suit Suit, Guru Randhawa

Have your man praise you in front of everyone you know with this Guru Randhawa song that became a chartbuster within no time!


Waalian, Harnoor 

A beautiful song to dedicate and melodious song to listen to, this Punjabi track makes the heart skip a beat and you wish for a love that’s forever.

Punjabi songs are just bubbly or chirpy and don’t come to mind when it is about a party, punjabi songs have different meanings and flavours from romantic to family dance numbers. If you don’t believe me, check the best Punjabi songs out above.


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15 Dec 2022

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