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25 Best Deo For Women That’ll Make You Smell As Good As You Look

Aren’t we all guilty of saving our best perfumes for special occasions? But this definitely is not the case with deodorants. Deodorants are an everyday essential and something we just can’t do without. Here, we have listed some of the best deodorants for women in India that will ensure freshness on the go.

25 Best Deodorants For Women In India To Smell Wonderful All Day

Fruity, floral or musky, choose your fave from our list of best deodorants for women and smell amazing without breaking a sweat!

1. Enchanteur Perfumed Deo Spray – Gorgeous 

Enchanteur Gorgeous is one of the best deodorants for women which lasts up to 24-hrs. It has fruity and floral notes of peach, lush plum, tuberose, gardenia and jasmine. Guaranteed to make you feel fresh all day long!

2. Dove Eventone Deodorant For Women

Enjoy the sweet and floral scent of Dove Eventone, that’ll definitely leave you feeling fresh the second you apply it. This deo for women claims to reduce underarm darkness, provide protection from odour for up to 48 hours, and is infused with moisturising cream. 


3. NIVEA Women Deodorant, Pearl & Beauty

Most of us are scared of going sleeveless, especially in the summer. But Nivea Women deodorant is here to change that. The pearl and beauty deo for women has antimicrobial agents for long-lasting freshness and is skin friendly with zero percent alcohol. Totally worth your love!  

4. Rexona Aloe Vera Deodorant for Women

Rexona Aloe Vera Deodorant for women has a fresh, light, and calming scent. This deo for women is infused with the goddess of aloe vera, helping you combat odour and sweat. The deo lasts for 48 hrs and is totally skin friendly. 

5. Forest Essentials Lavender & Neem Natural Deodorant

If you are a fan of Forest Essentials then you’ll definitely love their deo for women. The deodorant is infused with potent ayurvedic ingredients for a mild scent and removes any odour-causing bacteria. Once applied you’ll feel a cooling sensation on your skin. 

6. M&S Lavender Roll-On Deodorant 

Experience the calming and beautiful scent of lavender with M&S Lavender Roll-On deodorant. This anti-perspirant deo has a mild and refreshing scent and keeps odour causing bacterias away. It is super gentle on skin and reduces stinginess, if any. A must-have for you girls! 


  7. Bella Vita Organic DeoWhite 

Bella Vita Organic DeoWhite is a good option if you are looking for a deo that tackles both dark underarms and odour. This deo also controls excessive sweating and bacteria formation, helping you feel fresh. 

8. Nykaa Wanderlust Deodorant Spray – Country Rose

Good news for people who just can’t get enough of roses. Nykaa Wanderlust deodorant has captured the fragrance for you. The scent is refreshing and will make you smell like a bouquet of fresh roses throughout the day. Cart it now! 

9. PureSense Desire Madagascar Vanilla

Looking for a deodorant that’s budget-friendly and makes you smell like a living goddess? Then get your hands on PureSense Desire deodorant. It is infused with pear, apple, and vanilla notes, and can be used anytime, anywhere.  

10. Just Herbs Refreshing Body Spray

Sweet, floral, and fine, Just Herbs Body Spray is a budget-friendly dupe for many expensive perfumes. This deo for women is long-lasting and has notes of magnolia, lotus flower, and plant amber.


11. Nivea Whitening Smooth Skin Deodorant Roll On

This dermatologically tested deodorant roll on from Nivea will leave you with a refreshing fragrance. Moreover, its 0% alcohol formula ensures gentle care and protection. Providing even toned underarms, it becomes the best deodorant for girls.

12. Eva Wild Deodorant Spray For Women

The deodorant for women by Eva will help you smell fresh all day long. It fights odour and will not harm your skin at all. The cherry on top is, it will keep your underarms soft and smooth thanks to its moisturizing formula. How cool is that, eh?

13. Nivea Fresh Natural Spray

Smell fresh and lively the entire day with Nivea’s natural spray. This best deo for women is  suitable for all skin types and won’t cause rashes or any skin irritation. This spray contains avocado extracts which will keep your skin smooth and will give you a fresh feeling all day. So you can vouch on it and keep it in the league of best deodorant for women, eh?

14. Secret Temptation Romance Deodorant Spray

This deodorant has a romantic scent as it is a beautiful blend of floral, sweet and citrusy fragrances. The delicate notes of orange blossom, lily, jasmine, and vanilla will make you smell oh-so-dreamy wherever, whenever, thus making it the best deodorants for women in India! Thus, it is the best deodorant for women’s body odor.


15. Yardley English Lavender Deodorant Spray

Who doesn’t like smelling like a flower all day long? Engage your senses with this nice, rejuvenating lavender scent and feel fresh all day long. Probably the best long lasting deodorant in India for females, you absolutely have to get it to know the difference!

16. Envy 1000 Blush Deodorant For Women

Perfect for a laid back day, use this deo whenever you just want to relax thanks to its dreamy scent. We bet you will smell oh-so-amazing all day long! For you know we can’t talk about which is the best deodorants for women without mentioning this one!

17. Archies She Is Clubber Deodorant

This deo is perfect for the days when you just want to go out with your besties and chill. Spray some of it just before heading out for a crazy and wild girls’ day out! When it comes to best deos for girls, you know you can totally rely on it!

18. Nike Azure Woman Deodorant spray

This one is the best deo for women who are badass. It is a beautiful mix of cherry and plum with vanilla that will take away the body odour and make you smell so yummy. We love this antiperspirant!


19. Fogg Black Reveal Fragrance Body Spray For Women

This deo leaves behind a cool sensation when applied, thus making it a strong contender for the title of best deodorant for women. It also helps you smell fresh and sweet the entire day and provides protection against body odour and sweat.

20. Beverly Hills Polo Club Sport Number Nine Deo

This fruity and floral scent is perfect for when you’re going on a brunch. Smell like jasmine and musk and relax your senses. You will fall in love with this fragrance, ladies! The best deodorants for women out there, this is one of the most trusted numbers.

21. Nike Fission Women Deo Spray

This refreshing and long-lasting fragrance will make you feel like the diva you are. Spray it on after a nice, long shower and smell like a Greek goddess.It isn’t without anything that this deo is considered the best long lasting deo for women in India.

22. Adidas Pure Lightness Perfumed Deodorant Body Spray for Her

If you’re the sporty chick and want something refreshing let light, then this is the deo for you! Adidas is known for its revitalising fragrances and we promise that this one will not disappoint you!


23. Playboy Women Deo Pack Of 2

Now this one is for the woman who loves to wear her style and confidence on her sleeve. The best part about this ? Well, you get an amazing deal of two different deodorants in a combo pack!

24. Spinz Deo, Enchante

A traditional favourite of the girl who needs something regular for everyday use. Be it strenuous workouts or a walk in the park, this deo by Spinz promises refreshness upto 24 hours!

25. Ralph Lauren Bhpc Polo Orange, Blue, Yellow & Pink Deodorant Spray for Women

How you smell is the last thing you should be worrying about when you have Ralph Lauren deodorants buy your side, and what could be a better deal when you get a combo of four different fragrances?

Now feeling fresh and lively is just a spray away. Get your hands on these deos for women ASAP!


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