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O Aayee Baisakhi! Top 13 Best Baisakhi Songs That Are Sure To Get You Grooving (2023)

Do yourself a favour and take a day off just to spend some time amid nature. Go feel the changing air, the trees blessed with nature’s bounty, and the tiny birds flocking them for nectar. Yes, the spring season is officially upon us and we’d be remiss if we miss out on celebrating this beautiful season. Thankfully, we have Baisakhi! With golden wheat spikes and bright mustard swaying in the fields, the Rabi crops are ready to be harvested and the thought automatically makes the heart long for Baisakhi songs and unending celebrations. 

Baisakhi, celebrated in April each other, is a festival of new beginnings, abundance, and celebrations. Of course, the day calls for the peppiest celebratory playlist and in that department, we have got you fully covered. Here are some Vaisakhi songs that are sure to get everyone dancing this year:

Baisakhi Songs That Will Get Everyone Dancing


All set to make the best of Baisakhi this year? These happy Baisakhi songs are sure to amp up your celebrations:

Kurta Pajama Kala Kala

Shehnaaz Gill fandom unite ‘coz this song is especially for you all. Tony Kakkar’s Kurta Pajama has been one of the most played songs in the past year and there is no reason why this should not be in your Baisakhi song playlist. Might we suggest starting with this song to build up the tempo and then graduating on to peppier beats? 10/10 would work like magic!


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Tera Suit

There is just something about this Tony Kakkar song that will get you grooving. In case you happen to be looking for Baisakhi songs for dance, this has to be on your playlist! Just casually leave it playing and see your peeps grooving in no time. 


This happy, light Neha Kakkar song again would be perfect as a playlist starter. It is one of those Baisakhi Punjabi songs which have a celebratory feel about them. Listen to the beats and you’d know that is custom made for your terrace DJ jam.

Pani Di Gal

Remember the carefree days of teenage love and stolen glances with your nextdoor neighbour during community celebrations? This Baisakhi song in Punjabi will bring back all of those happy memories in no time. 


Kalla Sohna Nai

Be it a desi fam jam or a sophisticated lunch party, this Neha Kakkar song is sure to be the star of your Vaisakhi songs list. The lyrics are nice, the music is pleasant, and the beats just playfully and peppy.

O Jatta Aayi Vaisakhi

Now, in case you are specifically looking for an old Baisakhi song from Bollywood, then this is sure to please you and your fam. Play this Mohammed Rafi song for your elders and see them getting all nostalgic this Baisakhi.


Looking for an offbeat song on Baisakhi that instantly touches the heart and has everyone eyeing your playlist? This is the song! There is just something very raw, very touching, very Earthy about this melody. Rest assured, you’d end up playing it on a loop. 


Take this from us: this is one of the best Baisakhi songs that you can lay your hands on! Be it the groovy beats or Jasmin Sandal’s impactful sound, the song just transports you to happier times.  


Morni Banke

If you are looking for Bollywood songs on Baisakhi, then Morni Banke would be a good choice as well. It is one of those fast Punjabi beats which are custom made for dancing. We suggest you play it when the party mood is beginning to sway in the dancing direction.


Well, Liggi is a Baisakhi song as much as it is an Eid or Diwali song. What we basically mean is that the song never fails to impress, always charms the listener, and therefore deserves to be on your Baisakhi playlist.

Mere Desh Ki Dharti 

This song from the film “Upkar” talks about the harvest and various roles carried out by farmers. This song is composed by Kalyanji Anandji and sung by Mahendra Kapoor completely reflects the vibe of Baisakhi. It’s time to cheer and welcome the new year with full pomp.

O Jatta Aai Baisakhi

This Baisakhi song is taken from the film Imman Dharam released in 1977. This tune permits one to cheer the heavenly celebration while cutting to the beats of a track that talks about a Vaisakhi festivity remembering the courageous officers of our country. Performed by two fabulous singers, Mohammed Rafi and Mukesh, the melody is composed by Anand Bakshi and made by Laxmikant-Pyarelal.


Aisa Des Hai Mera

Who doesn’t know this song from the film Veer Zara? This beautiful song is depicted on farmers and fields of remote villages, picturised by Shahrukh Khan and Preity Zinta. This song perfectly demonstrates the happiness and festive feel of Baisakhi. Must add to the Baisakhi song playlist.


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So fam, all set to make the best of this festive season with our curation of Baisakhi songs?


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13 Apr 2023

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