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Ananya Panday Applies Perfume Like This So It Lasts All Day

Ananya Panday Applies Perfume Like This So It Lasts All Day

Ananya Panday doesn’t just have a slightly hatke skincare routine than the rest of the Bollywood celebs, the Liger star also has some perfume hacks up her sleeve.

In an interview, Ananya shared that loves wearing perfumes and she has a rather strange way of applying them too so that they last her all day long. What are these strange perfume tips? Find that out below.

Ananya Panday’s Love Affair With Perfumes

The Gehraiyaan star said in an interview,  “The way you smell is so personal.” That’s why when asked about her favourite perfume in another interview she confessed “My mum’s Dior J’Adore. She doesn’t let me use it because she says it’s her signature scent.”

In another tete-a-tete, Ananya revealed another one of her favourite perfumes she was at the moment obsessed with which is the Givenchy Ange ou Démon.


Ananya Panday’s Perfume Hacks

When asked about the perfume tricks and tips she uses while wearing and choosing perfumes, Ananya said, there are some parts of the body that perfume should be sprayed on. Namely, the back of the ears and neck, on the wrists, in the pits of your elbows and “at the back of the knees as well.”

“I am very weird because every time I step out, I don’t spray the perfume on me, (I spray it on everyone) like whoever is doing my hair and makeup also, I just put it everywhere”. She also followed it up by saying, “I also do that thing where I just walk into a cloud of perfume.”

Why You Should Apply Perfume Like Ananya Panday

Ananya’s hack of spritzing perfume in front of herself and then walking into it is a classic perfume hack that we’ve observed in movies as well. It helps add a scent to your hair which makes your fragrances even more stronger.

The idea of spritzing perfume at the back of your knees though is a great hack especially because it ensures you smell amazing from head to toe and since the pits of your knees have pulse points too. The same goes for the elbow pits as well because pulse points generate heat and will release the fragrance notes as you go about your day.


Another pro tip to follow is to moisturse your body before applying fragrances. This way the fragrance will linger on your skin for longer.

What Are Ananya Panday’s Favourite Fragrance Notes?

Ananya revealed in an interview, “Given my tight schedule, I really love fragrances that are vanilla based, fresh, and zesty which make them last all day long.”

Recommendations Based On Ananya Panday’s Favourite Scents

As Ananya is a fan of zesty fragrances, the Ajmal Aurum Summer fragrance is a great pick to feel energised this season.

Ananya loves gourmand fragrance with hints of vanilla and the Eze Flow is just what you need to understand why the actress loves vanilla scents.


In an interview, when asked about the fragrance she likes on a man, Ananya said, “I really like a classic yet complex note of citrus, woody, and a musky scent on a man.” And a perfume set that matches her description of the perfect men’s fragrances is the Bella Vita Luxury Perfume Gift Set For Man.

When asked about what would be her signature scent if she happened to make one, Ananya answered that the scents would be “packed with fruity and floral notes.” That’s why the Savour & Aura Dusk Of Jasmine fragrance is a must-try if you want to have a similar signature scent to Ananya.

Go on and follow in Ananya Panday’s footsteps and hacks when it comes to choosing and applying perfumes.

Featured Images: Instagram

23 May 2023

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