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Disha Patani Spills The Beans On Style, Go-To Party Picks & Her Fave Jewellery Finds

Disha Patani Spills The Beans On Style, Go-To Party Picks & Her Fave Jewellery Finds

Whether it’s on the red carpet or off of it, Disha Patani’s sartorial style never fails to make waves. Having long perfected the art of balancing basics and party-perfect numbers, there is no stopping the Bollywood actress from leaving us inspired with her fashion prowess. Now taking it a step further with a just-in collaboration, Disha Patani has emerged as the brand ambassador of jewellery label ORRA. The brand offers an array of precious jewellery that’s perfect for the modern millennial woman. 

Disha Patani Talks About All Things Jewellery & Fashion

We spoke with the actress about all things style, ranging from her favourite pieces from the label’s latest collection, titled the ‘Desired Collection’, to the most cherished items in her closet and her go-to party outfit. Scroll down to read the lightly edited excerpts from an interview with the diva. 

Tell us about your association with ORRA?

I am super excited to be associated with ORRA as their Brand Ambassador and to be launching their new Desired Collection. It is for all the women who love expressing their independent and confident side. It gives me immense pleasure to represent a brand that resonates with my personality.

What are some of your favourite pieces from the collection?

My favourite pieces are the heart choker, the heart bracelet and the heart pinky ring. I also love the zodiac medallion which depicts my sun sign.


If you could wear only one piece of jewellery, what would you choose?

The rings and lariats from the Desired Collection by ORRA! The pieces are so versatile that one could wear them individually for a minimal, basic look or stack them for dressing up to the nines.


What do you look for when selecting jewellery for yourself?

While purchasing jewellery, I always look for a piece that I could wear for a long, long time. The level of quality, creativity and craftsmanship are other very important aspects for me. 


When it comes to jewellery, how would you describe your go-to style?

My go-to style in jewellery is classic with a contemporary twist, something with an elegant and minimalistic design that resonates with me. 

What would be your ideal red carpet look?

A beautiful flowy gown with pastel colours! I would style my look with either a pair of dangling earrings or a diamond necklace to round it up. 

What are you most inclined towards when it comes to the party must-haves?

According to me, a party closet is incomplete without an LBD; it’ll always remain a favourite party pick for me. Accessories-wise, a statement pendant and earrings are sure to add glamour to the look!

Your most cherished piece of clothing and jewellery in your closet?

All essentials for a classic and timeless wardrobe—pair of denim, white shirt, LBD, sneakers that can last for long and jewellery pieces such as diamond studs, statement chains, drop earrings. All in all, enduring pieces that can be worn as is or complemented with jewellery picks.


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Featured Image Courtesy: ORRA

26 Feb 2021

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